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Adobe Flash 10.3 For Non-Internet Explorer
Adobe Flash 10.3 For Internet Explorer
Fix Adobe Flash
The playback of the videos on this site requires Adobe Flash. The latest Version of Adobe Flash has a bug in it that will not allow you play back a WebEx recording. There is a fix to this. You need to uninstall you current Flash Plugin. Click on Uninstall Flash to the right. This will download the uninstaller. Run the uninstaller. After you have ran the Uninstaller and you have Internet Explorer click the "Adobe 10.3 For Internet Explorer" link this will download the installer. Run the installer and you should be good. If you have Fire Fox or another browser use the "Adobe 10.3 For Non Internet Explorer" link. 

If you are using Google Chrome, you will not be able to fix this issue. Google Chrome has a built in Flash Player that can't be changed. To view the videos you will have to use Internet Explorer or Fire Fox. Anything with Adobe 11.4 or higher will cause the slides in the video to progress faster than the sound on the video. Webex has a support ticket in with Adobe and hopefully this will be fixed with the next update release. Sorry about the inconvience but this will work in the meantime. 

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